To provide teachers who will consistently deliver outstanding lessons in order to unlock the future potential of all students

  • To minimise the loss of learning time for students due to teacher absence
  • To minimise the loss of time by Head of Departments and Senior Management to arrange cover lessons
  • To continue to meet 'outstanding' OFSTED criteria for learning, student achievement and progress and student behaviour for cover lessons

To develop and then sustain the momentum of progress is the key for all students to achieve their full potential at school. We believe that every lesson and each encounter with students should count towards their achievement in life. We have years of first hand school leadership experience with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the world of education. Our primary aim at TRES Ltd is first and for most to guarantee "quality in education" for every child.

TRES Ltd is managed by teachers that have served on senior leadership teams in schools that achieved the coveted 'outstanding' grade from OFSTED. We have witnessed the challenges to progression and attainment caused from teachers absence and have built our business on the principle to eliminate these issues.

As a company we will work with individual schools to get the right staff to meet the needs of their students in their own learning environment. We believe that this is fundamental in order to sustain the momentum of progress.

As a new teacher into the teaching profession, TRES has helped me to find the perfect school matching my developmental needs in an environment where I felt I could make significant positive change to the students’ lives. The people in TRES, educators themselves, take time to meet with the teachers and offer training where there is need for it. I have attended Behaviour for learning and safeguarding training with TRES which I found very useful before embarking on my first appointment.

Divina (NQT)

What I found different in TRES is their personalised approach to the teachers they work with. I was never been asked to go to a school that is not right for me. In each occasion I worked for TRES they matched the schools’ needs to my strengths and this ultimately worked very effectively for student achievement and self motivated me. I am convinced that TRES’ approach in their selective process also promoted good behaviour in the schools I have been placed.

Joel (AST)

As an overseas trained teacher looking for a teaching post in the UK, TRES has provided essential knowledge and insight into teaching in the UK, particularly in London. They are not a regular teaching agency. They took the time to meet with me, gave me very important career and practical advice. I feel secure and confident working with TRES. In our first meeting they explained to me their philosophy. It’s all about the quality of education and student success. That is their central aim and because they never deviate from this, it works. I know when I receive a call from them for a potential job, it’s always a school I will be happy to work at. You never get empty promise


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